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Air Amplifiers Optical Transceivers Keyboard And Mouse Vertical




SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 32 for instructions. Air Amplifiers Optical Transceivers energy save throughout industry for Cellular, WiFi, WiMAX networks Designed to provide large airflows whilst consuming minimal volumes of compressed air, Air Amplifiers will provide lower running costs, leading to dramatic cuts in energy bills. These amplifiers are ideal for applications such as product redirection and drying. Quiet in operation with up to 50dBA noise reduction compared to 'open-air' systems, the air amplifiers can be used in ducted or open situations to handle dust, fumes or granular materials. Thanks to their innovative design, ducted applications deliver amplification ratios of 12 to 25:1 and output flows of 100 to 2000 CFM while unducted amplification ratios range from 36 to 75:1. Drying results can be improved by passing the object to be dried (washed pipes for example) through the centre of the Air Amplifier, giving 360° of drying or cleaning. Available in either aluminium or stainless steel and with no moving parts, they are maintenance free. The AFBR57J5APZ is said to be industry's first optical transceivers for the broad wireless base station market. It was specifically built to support industrial-level temperature ranges and open standards for the base transceiver station (BTS) market. With high-speed serial links over multimode optical fiber at 3.072Gb/s (OBSAI/CPRI standard), the device operates at the industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C with link distances of 500m over OM3 grade fiber. The product line for the base transceiver station market include multimode and single mode optical transceivers. The family of fiber optic transceiver modules target emerging OBSAI (open base station architecture initiative) and CPRI (common public radio interface) standards for next generation wireless base station systems. MEECH AIR TECHNOLOGY Tel. +44-1993-706700 • Fax +44-1993-776977 AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES Tel. +49-6441-92460 • Fax +49-6441-924646 For SLI: enter 19608 at Issue N°10 • October 2007 29 For SLI: enter 20115 at For SLI: enter 20084 at Keyboard and Mouse Vertical Centrifugal Pumps interference-proof with EX-protection space-saving solution The silicone keyboard TKG-105-EX with EX-approval is suitable for use in hazardous environments. The keyboard, enclosed in a silicone rubber case, is sealed to IP69K (NEMA 6+6P) making it completely waterproof and dustproof. A special surface coating and an abrasion proof printing ensure the protection against harsh cleaning fluids and other chemicals. The keyboard resists extreme temperatures from -20 to 50°C and the 105 short travel keys with their rounded keytops have a keyswitch lifetime of more than 3 million operations. Due to its compact dimensions of 387 x 150 x 20 mm it is suitable for the use in standard drawers. The TKH-MAUSEX mouse has a PS/2 connector and is enclosed in silicone fulfilling the standards of explosion hazardous areas. Due to its optical scanning technology, the inner parts are protected against dirt ingress as well as against wearout. When liquids transfer applications demand a compact, economic and space-saving pump combined with a choice of suction and pressure connections, Combiflex vertical single-stage centrifugal pumps are the ideal solution. Suitable for transferring thin, clean or slightly contaminated liquids, the pumps, offer maximum capacities to 1,500m3/h and heads up to 100 metres. Maximum working pressure of 10bar are available in a choice of versions to suit various pumping applications. Direct mounting to wall or floor is possible. Other features include high pumping efficiency, robust design, a top pull-out principle for easy-maintenance and a very rigid shaft construction. The suction bend design is a key feature of Combiflex pumps as it provides 8 different mounting positions as well as a very flat design with low-flow resistance. This design facilitates optimum flexibility and maximum space saving to ensure high pumping efficiency. INDUKEY KEYBOARD PRODUCTION Tel. +49-3746-86500 • Fax +49-3746-865050 JP PUMPS Tel. +44-1293-553495 • Fax +44-1293-524635 For SLI: enter 19992 at contactless, compact, customerspecific = carefree  Hall effect sensor technology  Low profile controls  Customerspecific & standard versions  High quality & long lifespan Angle sensors nd 441 hall 6 • sta Joysticks for 1 to 3 axes Megatron is looking for distributors in the UK. Please contact us. For SLI: enter 19977 at For SLI: enter 14960 at Dual Voltage Generator Test System keeps maintenance to a minimum with multimeter and oscilloscope A new super silent dual voltage generator, the Powermaker 6DV, supplies both voltages up to maximum output at the same time, giving the user the ability to have 230V and 115V outputs running simultaneously. Silenced to 62db (A) at 7m, the generator easily meets the latest noise level legislation as outlined by EC Declaration of Conformity for Noise Directive 2000/14/EC. The brushless generator keeps maintenance time and cost to a minimum. Built-in voltage compensation windings eliminate the need for an AVR, resulting in a constant, stable power source. Powered by a Kubota diesel engine, Powermaker 6DV offers a minimum of 12 hours operation via a 25 litre fuel tank. Auto-idle is fitted as standard. Other key features include automatic shutdown facility fitted as standard in the event of low oil pressure, high water temperature and battery charge failure. Standby duty rating is 6.1kW and continuous duty rate of 5.5kW. The I-9500LXI is an automated test system that addresses the marked for AC-DC and DC-DC power converters under 10W, including those for cell phones, digital music and video players, and computer accessories. The tester comes standard with a 6-digit multimeter and a 4-channel digital oscilloscope, five test loads, and 850VA AC power source and PowerStar5 software. The system supports both legacy test instruments that communicate using RS-232C, IEEE-488.2 and Intepro’s own Micro1000 and CAN communication buses, while providing a migration path to future LXI instruments. The base system has a single 300W load and four 75W loads, and 18-input x 4-output differential multiplexer, 16 digital inputs and 16 outputs, 48 relay drivers and 10 5A power relays. Five open slots provide space for growth. A library of more than 150 test routines is included to reduce the time required for initital test set development. ARC-GEN Tel. +44-1902-790824 • Fax +44-1902-790355 INTEPRO Tel. +1-714-6563551 • Fax +1-714-9533150 For SLI: enter 19974 at Get Monitoring EssentialsTM fast Vibration monitoring products ship the next business The Monitoring EssentialsTM you need @QDNM[email protected]RNXNTCNM·S[email protected]ENQRDMRNQR ,NQDNE6HKBNWNM·RLNRS[email protected]OQNCTBSR are Guaranteed In-Stock every month For a list of products visit VVVVHKBNWNMBNL,[email protected] Wilcoxon Research Inc 20511 Seneca Meadows Parkway Germantown, MD 20876 USA Terms and conditions of the Guaranteed In-Stock program are available at VVVVHKBNWNMBNL[email protected] Tel: 301 330 8811 Fax: 301 330 8873 Email: [email protected] For Guaranteed In-Stock test and measurement @BBDKDQNLDSDQR RDD$MCDUBN·R3DRS[email protected] products at VVVDMCDUBNBNL[email protected] For SLI: enter 20021 at For SLI: enter 15396 at