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Anx-1630h+/930h+/430h+ - Darwin Security Systems




H.264 DVR H.264 Chameleon Chameleon DVR Multi-Resolution Recording Multi resolution Recording ANX-1630H+/930H+/430H+ H.264 High-end Stand-alone DVR 01_ H.264 16, 9, 4CH 02_ 480 IPS at CIF 03_ Pentaplex: Operates Record, Playback, Backup, Copy and Network simultaneously 04_ Event backup 05_ 3.5” SATA HDD 06_ Slim and Compact size (42(H) x 280(W) x 207(D)) 07_ HDD expansion bay: Expands up to 4 3.5” HDDs (4TB) 08_ CCTV on Mobile 09_ Built-in VESA MOUNT (PATENT) Mounting Options VGA Flexible IR Compact Size Specifications ANX-1630H+/930H+/430H+ VIDEO Video Input Input Level Main TV Output Analog Spot Monitor Output Camera Name Main Monitor Split Control Screen Rotate Control Display Resolution NTSC PAL Speed NTSC PAL Function AUDIO Compression Audio Input (Line) Input Level Audio Output (Line) RECORDING Compression Resolution NTSC PAL Speed NTSC 352 x 240 704 x 240 704 x 480 PAL 352 x 288 704 x 288 704 x 576 Operation performance Frame Setting Each CH Event, Normal Resolution Quality Setup per Channel Record Period Limitation Data Size Recording Mode ANX-1630H+/930H+/430H+ Pre-Alarm Watermark & Digital integrity Schedule Daylight saving time HDD Internal Storage Speed DMA Type External Storage HDD Bay Interface SEARCHING & PLAYBACK Searching Method Playback & Reverse Playback Playback De-interlace COPY Internal CD/DVD RW Media Support USB 2.0 Windows compatibility Max. 5 Seconds Support 16CH/ 9CH/ 4CH (BNC) 1.0Vp-p±10% Composite, 75Ω Balanced 1.0 Vp-p Composite, 75Ω Balanced 1.0 Vp-p Composite, 75Ω Balanced Max. 12 Characters, Bitmap Support 1, 2(PIP), 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16 0~60 Seconds 720(H) x 480(V) 720(H) x 576(V) 480/ 270/ 120 fps (Every CH Real Time) 400/ 225/ 100 fps (Every CH Real Time) Auto sequence 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16 Split, PIP G.723 1CH (RCA) Max. 2.0Vp-p@10KOhm 1CH (RCA) H.264 Base line profile 704(H) × 480(V) 704(H) × 240(V) 352(H) × 240(V) 704(H) × 576(V) 704(H) × 288(V) 352(H) × 288(V) Max. 480/ 270/ 120 ips (CIF) Max. 240/ 240/ 120 ips (Half D1) Max. 120/ 120/ 120 ips (D1) Max. 400/ 225 / 100 ips (CIF) Max. 200/ 200/ 100 ips (Half D1) Max.100/ 100/ 100 ips (D1) Pentaplex Available Available Available Support 4 levels (Low,Normal,Fine,Best) Individual Automatic data delete for privacy 1~3KB (CIF), 3~7KB (D1/2), 6~15KB (D1) Normal (Continuous), Event (Motion detection, Sensor, Video loss), Schedule, Holiday Programmable recording setting per hour, User can configure holiday Support 1HDD (2TB/HDD) 5,400RPM UDMA133 SATA compatible USB 2.0 High-Speed XHD-3U, XHD-10U x 4EA Calendar, Event, Text, Block, File 1, 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, 128 velocity 1/2, 1/4, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128 ON/ OFF Built-in CD-R/ CD-RW/ DVD±R/ DVD±RW/ DVD RAM/ FTP server USB memory stick, External USB HDD/CD RW/DVD RW FAT32 SYSTEM DIAGRAM LCD MONITOR SENSOR LINE AUDIO 5 6 7 8 G 9 10 11 12 G 13 14 15 16 SPOT MONITOR AUDIO IN DVI BACKUP Automatic Backup (Mirroring) Capacity ALARM Sensor Input Alarm Output Motion Detection MULTI-REMOTE SURVEILLANCE Monitoring Environment Transmission Rate Number of connection SYSTEM MONITORING & RECOVERY System Logging Monitoring Recovery CONNECTOR Video Input Main Monitor Output Composite VGA Output DVI Spot Monitor Output Audio Input (Mono) Audio Output (Mono) HDD Bay Connection Firmware upgrade External Control (RS - 485) Sensor Input Alarm Output PTZ(RS-485) Ethernet USB 2.0 ELECTRICAL Power Source Power Consumption ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temp. Storage Temp. Humidity PHYSICAL Construction Shape Construction Material Body Color Dimension Weight OTHERS OS Language Control Device PTZ Number of Event list / Log list BAY SPEC. HDDs Connection method Power Source LED indication in Front Fan Accessories Dimension Weight Event mirroring, Full mirroring Each HDD configuration as backup 16CH/ 9CH/ 4CH (Terminal Blocks) 1 Relay output (NO,NC,CM) Available For Each Camera Multiple Detection Level Clinent Software, Central Monitoring System, Web Browser, Mobile Viewer NTSC: 150 ips (CIF), PAL: 125 ips (CIF) Supporting Multi-Client (16 Clients accessible) Power Failure Checkable/Menu Change/Network connection Hardware Watchdog Auto-Recovery By Watchdog 16CH/ 9CH/ 4CH (BNC) BNC 1 Port (Rear) 1 Port (15 pins female D-SUB) Optional BNC 1 Port 1CH/1CH/1CH (RCA) 1CH/ 1CH /1CH (RCA) USB 2.0 USB 2.0 Port, Network 2 Pins Terminal Block 16CH/ 9CH/ 4CH Terminal Block (Include Ground Common 4Pins) 1Relay, 3Pins (NO,NC,CM) 2Pins Terminal Block, Half Duplex RJ-45, 10/100Mbps Front 2 ports, Rear 1 port DC 5A Approx. 50 Watts (Including 1 HDD) 0℃ ~ +45℃ -10℃ ~ +60℃ 30 ~ 90%RH (Non-Condensing) Industrial, Professional Plastics Front, Steel Case Black 340(w) x 248(D) x 60(H) mm Approx. 2kg Embedded Linux English, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Taiwanese, French, Turkish, German, Italian, Portuguese Front key, Remote controller, Mouse, External Keyboard Pelco D-Type, Pelco P-Type, SPD, SRX, SCC-643, DSC-230S, TK-C655/676 (JVC), CS-854A, DMP23, VC-C4R, LPT-A100L, SK-D106, SD-290, PCS-Series, BOSCH, EZ Protocol 50,000 per HDD/ Total 20,000 XHD-10U/ XHD-3U Max. 40 HDDs/ Max. 3 HDDs USB 2.0 cascade connection DC12V/5A Power, HDD One Ball bearing Type (25MM 2p wire) AC 110/220 free input AC Adaptor(DC12V),Manual 420(w) x 398(D) x 89(H) mm/ 280(w) x 221(D) x 32.3(H) mm Appx. 6.4kg/ Appx. 2.0kg * This Spec-sheet can be changed. SPOT 1 3 5 VIDEO 2 4 6 7 9 11 13 15 1 2 3 4 G D+ D NO CM NC DC 12V LAN VGA OUT 8 10 12 14 16 CAMERA IN xDSL MODEM CAMERA 1~16 KEYBOARD CONTROLLER ALARM ROUTER MAIN MONITOR Artnix Inc. Hankook Industry Bldg., 2F., #864-3, Gwanyang, Dongan, Anyang, Gyeongki, 431-804 Korea TEL : 82)31-424-4595 FAX : 82)31-426-4598 E-MAIL :[email protected]