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Dh-dvr5804/5808/5816 - U. Supply And Communication Co., Ltd.




DH-DVR5804/5808/5816 4/8/16CH 960H 2U Standalone DVR Pr oc e or D Co ua r l ss e Technical Specifications 1080p HDMI / VGA H.264/ MJPEG Max 32TB Model System Main Processor Operating System Video Input Standard Audio Input Output Two-way Talk Display Interface Resolution Display Split Privacy Masking OSD Recording Video/Audio Compression Cloud Service Features t6QUPDBNFSBTXJUIQSFBMUJNFQSFWJFX t)EVBMTUSFBNWJEFPDPNQSFTTJPO t"MMDIBOOFM!)SFBMUJNFSFDPSEJOH t4VQQPSU"%TXJUDI t)%.*7("574QPUTJNVMUBOFPVTWJEFPPVUQVU tDIBOOFMTZODISPOPVTSFBMUJNFQMBZCBDL (3*%JOUFSGBDF smart search t%JOUFMMJHFOUQPTJUJPOJOHXJUI%BIVB15;EPNFDBNFSB t4VQQPSU4"5")%%TVQUP5# F4"5"VQUP5# 64# t.VMUJQMFOFUXPSLNPOJUPSJOH8FCWJFXFS $.4 %444NBSU 144 4NBSU1IPOF %.44 System Connection "VEJP "VEJP5BML )%.* 7(" 57 #/$ 1 Spot 16 Camera / Speed Dome "VEJP0VUQVU "VEJP*OQVU 15;$POUSPM 7JEFP*OQVU 34 Video Output "MBSN*OQVU / Output /FUXPSL 64#9 16 Sensor -JHIUJOH Siren 64#%FWJDF .PVTF 5BLF%73BTBOFYBNQMF *3 Remote Control F4"5" %FWJDF $.4%44 4NBSU144 8FC Client .PCJMF 1IPOF /FUXPSL ,FZCPBSE DH-DVR5804 DH-DVR5808 DH-DVR5816 Embedded processor Embedded LINUX 4 channel, BNC 8 channel, BNC NTSC(525Line, 60f/s), PAL(625Line, 50f/s) 16 channel, BNC 4 channel, BNC 8 channel, BNC 16 channel, BNC 1 channel, BNC 1 channel Input, 1 channel Output(reuse the audio output channel), BNC 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 TV, 1 Spot, BNC 1920×1080, 1280×1024, 1280×720, 1024×768 1/4 1/4/8/9 1/4/8/9/16 4 rectangular zones (each camera) Camera title, Time, Video loss, Camera lock, Motion detection, Recording H.264/G.711 960H(960×576/960×480)/D1/4CIF(704×576/704×480)/HD1(352×576/352×480) Resolution /2CIF(704×288/704×240)/CIF(352×288/352×240)/QCIF(176×144/176×120) Main Stream 960H/D1/HD1/2CIF/CIF(1~25/30fps) Record Rate Extra Stream QCIF(1~25/30fps)/CIF(1~6/7fps) 48~3072Kb/s Bit Rate Manual, Schedule(Regular(Continuous), MD, Alarm), Stop Record Mode 1~60 min (default: 60 min), Pre-record: 1~30 sec, Post-record: 10~300 sec Record Interval Video Detection & Alarm Recording, PTZ, Tour, Alarm out, Video Push, Email, FTP, Spot, Snapshot, Buzzer & Screen tips Trigger Events Motion Detection, MD Zones: 396(22×18), Video Loss & Camera Blank Video Detection 4 channel 8 channel 16 channel Alarm Input 3 channel Relay Output Playback & Backup 1/4 1/4/9 1/4/9/16 Sync Playback Time/Date, Alarm, MD & Exact search (accurate to second), Smart search Search Mode Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast play, Slow play, Next file, Previous file, Next camera, Playback Functions Previous camera, Full screen, Repeat, Shuffle, Backup selection, Digital zoom USB Device/Network/Internal SATA burner/eSATA Device Backup Mode Network RJ-45 port (10/100M/1000M) Ethernet HTTP, IPv4/IPv6, TCP/IP, UPNP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, DDNS, Network Functions FTP, IP Filter, Alarm Server, SNMP, P2P 128 users Max. User Access iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Smart Phone Storage 8 SATA ports(8HDDs or 6HDDs+1CD/DVD-RW), up to 32TB Internal HDD 1 eSATA port, up to 16TB External HDD Auxiliary Interface 4 ports (2 Rear), USB2.0 USB Interface 1 port, For PC communication & Keyboard RS232 1 port, For PTZ control RS485 General AC100~240V, 50/60Hz Power Supply 40W Power Consumption -10 ~+55°C / 10~90%RH / 86~106kpa Working Environment 2U, 440mm×460mm×89mm Dimension(W×D×H) 6.5kg (without HDD) Weight