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Enterlok Door Answering Intercom System Control Entry And Add Security To:




DOOR ANSWERING INTERCOM SYSTEM With Full Monitoring Capability • 1 Master • 1 Remote • Built-In Amplifier • Built-In Door Release SM-201B Enterlok Master ENTERLOK 1 Remote Max. TM Built-In Door Release Button OR-603SS Small Remote SM-201B Enterlok Master OR-203SS Stainless Steel Remote Control Entry and Add Security to: Business • Home Offices • Day Care Centers Controlled Areas • Loading Docks • Jewelry Stores B-100 (2/12) AFFORDABLE SECURITY — EASY TO INSTALL & OPERATE Enterlok TM makes it quick and easy to add intercom and electric door release! ENTERLOKTM provides two-way natural voice communication from a master to remote (or vice versa). It has a total capacity of two (2) stations (1 Master, 1 Remote). The SM-201B’s TALK and LISTEN controls provide the master with privacy and discreet handsfree monitoring for improved security. Low cost SM-201B master has a built-in voice amplifier, volume control, electronic tone signal, TALK, LISTEN and electric DOOR release (or other signalling device) buttons. Install the SM-201B on a standard 1 gang electrical box, or use our popular IH-400A cabinet for desk or surface mounting. As you’d expect from LEE DAN®, ENTERLOKTM has a selection of over 12 remotes, including indoor, outdoor, vandal-proof, and patio horn styles. Remote stations are available with or without a call-in button to signal the master, and for flush, surface or desk mount use. Only one (1) pair of twisted wire is needed between the master and remote speaker. Efficient low voltage design allows convenient hookup by do-it-yourselfers with our UL listed model PS-20A plug-in transformer. Compatibility: Can replace prior SM201, SM-201 models. Kit 1) SM-201KR: 1 each SM-201B, OR-103, OH-700, PS-20A. Kit 2) SM-201KS: 1 each SM-201B, OR-603SS, PS-20A. Model SM-201B SM-201KR SM-201KS IR-100B IR-501B OR-101 OR-103 OR-203 OR-203BR OR-203SS OR-403S OR-601SS OR-603BR OR-603SS RH-15 DO-001 IH-101B IH-102 IH-400A IH-700 OH-700 PS-3A PS-20A SC-1 2PRJ 2/18 Description Height SM-201B master with built-in door release button shown below. Tamper Access Screws Mounts: • Flush • Surface • Desktop Talk/Listen Switch: Press to Talk Release to Listen Door Release Button Off Volume Control Button Width Depth EnterlokTM Master with door release button. 6-7/8 5 2-3/8 EnterlokTM Kit: See Above 8 6-1/2 4-1/2 EnterlokTM Kit: See Above 8 6-1/2 4-1/2 Inside remote station, no call button. 6-7/8 5 2-3/8 Same as IR-100B with call button. 6-7/8 5 2-3/8 Outside Alum. remote w/weather-resistant 6-7/8 5 1-1/2 mylar cone speaker, no call button Same as OR-101 with call button. 6-7/8 5 1-1/2 All metal aluminum version of OR-103. 6-7/8 5 1-1/2 Polished Brass, laquered version of OR-203 6-7/8 5 1-1/2 Stainless Steel version of OR-203. 6-7/8 5 1-1/2 Surface mount version of OR-203SS. 6-7/8 5 1-1/2 Outside plastic remote w/weather-resistant 5-1/4 4 1-1/4 mylar speaker, no button. Stainless Steel Polished Brass, laquered type OR-603SS 5-1/4 4 1-1/4 St. Steel, surface mount remote + button 5-1/4 4 1-1/4 Round patio horn (8 ohm, 12 watt max., 5-1/4 5-1/4 6-5/8 8 watts nominal) with talk-back, white. Heavy duty electric door release. Rever5-7/8 1-1/4 1-5/16 sible mortise type (16-24V AC or DC). Flush steel back box for IR, and some OR* 5-1/2 4 1-3/4 stations. Galvanized with knockouts. Flush mounting drywall ring for IR, and some 6 4-3/4 1/2 OR* stations. Desk or surface mount box for SM-201B 6-7/8 5 1-3/4 masters. White plastic. Also IR desk box. Surface box for IR stations. White. 6-7/8 5 1-3/4 Surface box for OR* stations. Black. 6-7/8 5 1-3/4 Pigtail transformer. (120VAC/16VAC-10VA) UL listed. Plug-in transformer. (120VAC/16VAC-20VA) UL listed. ‘Scrulox’ screwdriver used for special tamper-resistant mounting screws supplied with stations. Two twisted pairs (4 conductor) No. 22 AWG cable. Solid wire jacketed. Includes 1 or more spares depending on which remote is used. 2 conductor No. 18 AWG wire. For door opener and transformer connections. IR-501B OR-103 Alum/Plastic OR-203BR Polished Brass IH-400A OR-403S Surface Mount Stainless Steel SC-1 PS-20A PS-3A DO-001 *Except OR-600 series, which surface mount to wall, or use 1-gang electrical box. Toll-Free: 800-231-1414 Distributed by: Phone: 631-231-1414 Fax: 631-231-1498 155 Adams Avenue Hauppauge, NY 11788-3699 With continuous product improvement, sizes and other specifications are subject to change without notice. Printed in USA © 2012 LEE DAN® COMMUNICATIONS, INC.