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Fire Detection Control Unit Ci1115 2 Ci1115 1




Cerberusā AlgoRex Fire detection control unit CI1115Ć1 CI1115Ć2 CS1115 Series. AnalogPLUS / Collective D Microprocessor-controlled compact fire detection control unit D Processes the signals from fire detectors from detection systems such as: – up to 256 individually addressable fire detectors AnalogPLUS, series DS1130, allocated on 2 loops – 4 or 12 detection lines with 32 fire detectors each with collective evaluation, series DS1100 (option) D High degree of operational reliability through signal processing in the detector and in the control unit D Built-in operating panel D User functions can be programmed: – either on site via operating panel – or offline via configuration tool SWE1115 D Automatic or manual absent/present switchover D Automatic switchover summer/winter time D Up to 200 events can be stored chronologically and recalled D Remote transmission of alarm and fault D Emergency power operating period up to 72 hours D Two serial interfaces parameterizable for: – printer and/or paging system – LON-Bus for ancillary display and control panels – non-Cerberus systems Fire & Security Products Siemens Building Technologies Group System overview Addressable detector bus (stub line or loop) for AnalogPLUS series DS1130 fire detectors DJ1191 DT1131A DOT1131A DC1131 DC1134 DJ1192 DO1131A DO1133A DM1134 DC1136 FCI FCI Alarm devices DC1192 DF1192 Alarm reception centre (Fire brigade) DC1192 Fire control installations (FCI) DO1101A DJ1191 DJ1192 CI1115 DT1101A/02A DO1101A DO1101A FBF FSD ÜE DO1101A Collective detection line for series DS1100 fire detectors (also MS6, MS7, MS9, MS24) 2 serial interfaces VdS periphery: Fire brigade control field Fire brigade key depot Remote transmission unit Paging system (protocol ESPA 4.4.4) BMSĆBus LONĆBus Parallel indicator module Danger management system Configuration tool SWE1115 Printer Optional text display and control terminals B3Q580 / B3Q590 External interface to drive LEDs (for mimic display panels) or relays Fire detection control unit CI1115 The control unit registers signals from automatic fire detectors, manual call points and input modules via the detector bus or detection line and carries out decentralized conĆ trol functions via control lines, control outputs and output modules. The control unit displays the collected data, carries out preĆdefined control and signalĆ ling functions and reacts to the commands entered by the operator. 2 Fire & Security Products Siemens Building Technologies Group AnalogPLUS fire detectors, series DS1130 Addressable detector system with intelligent signal evaluation. A high degree of operational reliability is achieved by signal processing in the detector and in the control unit: - Detection and evaluation in the detector - Verification and processing of the detector output signals in the control unit, based on the given user function ĘAnalogPLUS" features: - Detector operation is monitored - The detectors transmit two danger levels - The detectors transmit any deviation from the quiescent value (drift) - Detector addresses: - up to 128 per loop - up to 32 per stub line - Address allocation possible in installation sequence - Free allocation of logic addresses (zones) - MultiĆdetector logic - TwoĆwire installation - Up to 150W line resistance (more than 1000m length of line) - BuiltĆin line disconnection switches isolate the part of the detection line with short circuit Collective fire detectors, series DS1100 Traditional technology for communication and signal evaluation (a common address for all detectors of a detection line). The detectors have the same high quality sensor system as the DS1130 detectors. ĘCollective" features: - Up to 32 detectors per line - TwoĆwire installation - Up to 250W line resistance (more than 1000m length of line) Interfaces The fire detection system control unit has two RS232 interfaces for the connection of one of each of the following systems/devices: - LONĆBus for parallel indicators and/or synoptic panels - Third party systems, e.g. danger management system, building management system - Pager - Logging printer, configuration tool 3 Fire & Security Products Siemens Building Technologies Group Models Compact control unit CI1115-1 Standard model Compact control unit CI1115-2 Model with additional mounting facility 120 480 580 Cover plate H23B030 Parallel indicator module B3R080 Basic unit Master card AnalogPLUS: - 2 AnalogPLUS loops with up to 128 detectors each or - 4 AnalogPLUS stub lines with up to 32 detectors each - 200 events can be stored in chronological order - 8 programmable control outputs (drivers) - 2 supervised control lines for alarm devices - 2 monitored control lines to external remote transmission equipment - 2 relay switchover contacts: for alarm - RSā232 interface for printer or paging system Extension / Options Auxiliary line card K3M010: - 4 collective detection lines with up to 32 detectors each - 4 programmable control outputs (drivers) - 2 supervised control lines for alarm devices - 2 programmable relay switchover contacts Auxiliary line card K3M020: - 12 collective detection lines with up to 32 detectors each - 8 programmable control outputs (drivers) DIN rail for the mounting of 8 relay modules with one switchover contact 250VAC/10A VdS interface card K3L070 for Germany PSA interface card K3I090 for transmission to local paging system Options for CI1115Ć2: - Cover plate H23B030 (spare space for later extensions) - Parallel indicator module B3R080 with 32 programmable alarm indicators 4 Fire & Security Products Siemens Building Technologies Group Operation D D D D D D Simple, logical, menu-guided operation Illuminated text display with 4x40 characters Simultaneous display of two events Specific customer text per room, zone or detector Operating access by means of password or by key switch (option) Four different user operating levels ZONE 52/09 AUTOMATIC ALARM 1st floor office 101 1:29min 1 ( 1) Example 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ĘALARM" display field with bar lamp Illuminated text display field with 4āxā40 characters, with standard and customer text ĘAcknowledge message" key Scroll key for alarm messages ĘReset message" key Function key block for menuĆorientated operation and password entry (enabling operation) Key switch to enable operation (option) SlideĆin inscription strips in various languages Indicator fields, partly with operating keys 5 Fire & Security Products Siemens Building Technologies Group Technical data AnalogPLUS detectors 2 x 128 (loops) or 4 x 32 (stub lines) Collective detectors (option) 4 x 32 or 12 x 32 Monitored control lines for alarm devices 2 or 2 + 2, max. 24VDC/0.5A Alarm contacts 2 or 2 + 2, 30VDC/1A Programmable control outputs (drivers) 8 + 4 or 8 + 8, 24VDC/40mA Remote transmission outputs 2 monitored control lines and 2 contacts Mains supply nom. 115/230VAC, ±15%, 50/60Hz, max. 100VA Emergency power battery 2āxā12V / 12Ah or 15Ah Duration of emergency operation up to 72h Voltagefree switchover contacts for controls 250VAC/10A or 30VDC/1A Temperature range - operation - storage Humidity Cabinet - ENā60529 / IECā529 protection category - material - colour of cabinet - colour of control panel 6 Fire & Security Document no. Products e1463c Siemens Building Technologies Group Edition 05.2001 0ā.ā.ā.ā+ā40°C -ā20ā.ā.ā.ā+ā60 °C max. 95%, no condensation class IECā721Ć3Ć3: 3K5 IPā40 steel sheet St12 03m light grey, RALā7035 grey, Pantone 421, 424, 427 Standard ENā54Ć2, ENā54Ć4 CE conformity Approval VdS no. Gā297022 E Siemens Building Technologies AG Subject to change Catalogue S11 Section 7