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Gear For The Adventurer




Gear for the Adventurer North America “What to Pack” List: for all North American & Canadian Tauck Culturious, Bridges, and Alaska adventures Pack comfortable and casual clothing in quick-drying, “breathable” fabrics that offer sun protection, weather protection, and versatility — styles that can be easily layered as changing conditions, weather patterns, and temperatures dictate. Here is the list of Essential Items you should plan on taking with you on your Tauck adventure anywhere in North America. Should you need to purchase any of them for your upcoming trip, simply print this page and use it as a reference as you browse, click, and shop your way through the “North America” Shop by Destination category in Necessary Gear. You’ll find everything you need in our “easy-to-use, one-stop shop.” ƒ Long Sleeve quick drying, sun-protective shirt : ƒ ƒ Adventurer Sun Shirt – Men, Ladies, & Kids SunPro UPF 50 Performance T – Men & Ladies ƒ Short Sleeve Shirt / T-Shirt - quick drying, sun-protective: ƒ ƒ SunPro UPF 50 Shortsleeve Performance T – Men & Ladies Active T - Kids ƒ Convertible “Zip-off” Pants - quick drying, sun-protective: ƒ ƒ Classic Convertible Pants – Men & Ladies Convertible Pants - Kids ƒ Khaki Pants - lightweight, quick-drying, wrinkle resistant, great to have for versatility ƒ Sunblocker Featherweight Khakis – Men & Ladies ƒ Shorts – lightweight, versatile, quick-drying for swimming, walking, hiking ƒ ƒ Bay Island Shorts – Men & Ladies Safari, River, & Trail Shorts - Kids ƒ Sun Hat - wide-brimmed, sun-protective, breathable ƒ ƒ Tilley Hat – Men & Ladies Adjustable Air Mesh Hat – Men & Ladies 1 North America "What to Pack" List necessaryGear ƒ ƒ Ladies' Sport Hat Sun Tripper Hat – for Everyone ƒ Sports Bra: ƒ Ladies Active Switchback Bra ƒ Lightweight Jacket & Rain Gear: ƒ ƒ Thunder Rain Jacket & Pants – Adult Unisex & Kids Guide Jacket – Men & Ladies ƒ Compact, Collapsible Umbrella: ƒ WWF Umbrella ƒ Comfortable walking shoes - supportive, lightweight, lace-up: ƒ ƒ ƒ eVent Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots - Men & Ladies Kisatchie Sandals – Men & Ladies Aqua Terra Sandals by TEVA – Men, Ladies, & Kids ƒ Socks – Washable & comfortable for walking ƒ ƒ Tilley Walking & Expedition Socks – Men, Ladies, & Kids Tilley Fast Drying Ankle Socks ƒ Sunglasses — exceed UV and IR requirements: ƒ ƒ Econo Everest Glasses Sunglasses by Smith : Polarized with Interchangeable Lenses ƒ Sun block & insect repellent ƒ Bug, Sun, & Lip Protection Kit - AquaSport SPF 30 with Z-Cote; SPF 25 Lip Balm; Ben’s 30 DEET Insect Repellent ƒ Day Pack or Tote - lightweight, dust & waterproof, compressible ƒ Dry Peak Ultralite Waterproof Day Pack ƒ Waterproof Camera Bag : ƒ Waterproof Camera Case ƒ Small pack of toilet tissue ƒ Antiseptic towelettes - 2 options: 2 North America "What to Pack" List necessaryGear ƒ ƒ Fresh Bath Travel Wipes Biodegradable Hand Sanitizer ƒ Low-suds detergent: ƒ Biodegradable Odor-Ease Liquid Body & Clothing Soap ƒ Lightweight, compact binoculars: ƒ Super compact & Lightweight: Amphibian H2O® Binoculars - Waterproof (10x25) If you are travelling to Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Yellowstone & the Tetons even in the Spring, Summer, and Fall you should consider bringing along some warmer clothing: ƒ A heavy sweater or fleece jacket: ƒ ƒ ƒ Microfleece Jacket – Men El Cap Fleece Jacket – Ladies NanoPuff Pullover – Men & Ladies ƒ Turtleneck Shirt: ƒ Stay Dri Zip Mock T – Men & Ladies ƒ Gloves: ƒ ƒ ƒ Double Layer Poly Fleece Gloves – Men, Ladies, & Kids Extravert Gloves – Men & Ladies Interchange Waterproof Gloves - Kids ƒ Warm Hat: ƒ ƒ Toque for Colder Times Big World Beanie 3 North America "What to Pack" List necessaryGear