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HA-31 Guardian Headset Protect your students hearing while delivering superior sound quality The Hamilton Guardian Headset addresses the Early Childhood and Special Education needs identified by No Child Left Behind. How can you tell if the volume in your students' headphones are too loud for safe listening? Hearing impairment in school age children is increasing, and continues to be overlooked as teachers, therapists, and parents seek answers to children's learning disabilities and developmental delays. HA-13 SPECIFICATIONS Speakers: Battery: Run time: Charge time: Warranty: 50mm wide range Mylar Nickel Metal Hydride 125 hours 12-14 hours 1 Year From Date of Original Purchase Now you can have SAFE SOUND with Hamilton's Guardian wired headphone, with SLM (Sound Level Monitor) Technology. The Guardian headphone has LED's that allow you to see the level of your students volume from across the room. The green LED indicates a safe listening level for your students that won't harm their ears. The red LED when lit alerts you that the child may have a hearing problem or is at risk of causing irreversible damage to their ears. Comes with AC adapter to charge internal battery. HA-31 Features: • Hamilton's patented ASMTM Technology* (Automatic Stereo/Mono Switching) • Sealed-in NiMH rechargeable batteries • Operates for 125 hours on an overnight charge • Comfortable, fully adjustable headband • Large foam filled ear cushions, easily cleaned • Green LED: Indicates average SPL > 75dBA *HAMILTON'S EXCLUSIVE ASM™ TECHNOLOGY PROVIDES AUTOMATIC STEREO/MONO SWITCHING Never mismatch a headphone again! This innovative technology automatically protects your equipment and allows you to completely and properly listen to stereo and mono sources. Hamilton ASM™ headphones are compatible with virtually any stereo or mono equipment such as cassette and CD players, record players, TV/VCR/DVD, boom boxes and multimedia computers. Hamilton Electronics 1010 Sherman Ave Hamden, CT 06514 Toll Free: 800-631-0868 Fax: 800-398-1812 [email protected] ■ ■