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Innovations in Communications TM since 1955 ‘OR’ REMOTES OUTSIDE REMOTE INTERCOM STATIONS APPLICATION OR-101 Outdoor remote intercom stations provide two–way handsfree communication. Models (OR-103, OR-203, OR-203BR, OR-203SS, OR-403S) with optional pushbutton also provide signalling capability for visitor announcement. Alum./Plastic OR-103 (also available Gold Anodized: OR-101G, OR-103G) FULL SIZE METAL REMOTE SPECIFICATIONS Size: Controls: Finish: Screws: Speaker: Baffle: 6 7/8"H, 5"W, 1 1/2"D. Projects only 1/2" from mounting surface. (OR-403S is 2 1/2" Deep) OR-101, 201, 201BR, 201SS ..... None. OR-103, 203, 203BR, 203SS, 403S: 1 call button. OR-101, 103, 201, 203 ..... Extruded Anod. Aluminum. OR-201BR, 203BR .......... 16 Gauge Polished Brass. OR-201SS, 203SS, 403S .. 16 Gauge Stainless Steel. 1" Scrulox tamper resistant type. 3 1/2", 1 Watt, 45 Ohm. Heavy duty magnet with voice-frequency response. Mylar cone for reliable outdoor use. All ‘OR’ 100 and 200 series shown include weather stripping around back of station. OR-101, OR-103 ......... Black ABS speaker grille. OR-101G, OR-103G .... White ABS speaker grille. OR-201, 201BR, 201SS, 203, 203BR, 203SS, 403S Double metal speaker baffle. OR-201G Mounting Method IH-101B IH-102 OH-700 Flush back box for concrete and open stud walls. Flush plaster ring for drywall construction. Surface back box. Black enamel on steel. OR-603BR Polished Brass Surface Mount ARCHITECTS' & ENGINEERS' SPECIFICATIONS: Aluminum OR-203 OR-403S Stainless Steel Surface Mount Remote intercom station shall be LEE DAN® model OR-101, OR201 or OR-201SS or approved equal without call button. For systems requiring outdoor remote with call button: remote intercom station shall be LEE DAN OR-103, OR-203, OR-203SS, or OR-403S or approved equal. Integral momentary action pushbutton shall be provided for signalling operations. The speaker/microphone shall be a mylar cone, high sensitivity type with voice-frequency response, and be protected by a speaker baffle, and scrulox tamper resistant access screws. Station shall be constructed of anodized aluminum, or 16 gauge stainless steel, or 16 gauge solid polished brass (depending upon model specified). 800-231-1414 • 631-231-1414 155 Adams Avenue • Hauppauge, NY 11788-3699 Fax 631-231-1498 • ©2001-2011 LEE DAN® Communications, Inc. OR-201SS Stainless Steel OR-203BR Polished Brass INTERCOMS • MAILBOXES • DIRECTORIES NURSE-CALL • ANNUNCIATORS • WIRE & CABLE With continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. IN-438 (11/11) ‘REMOTE’ POSSIBILITIES BY LEE DAN® LEE DAN® REMOTE COMPATABILITY CHART MODEL SPEAKER GRILL PANEL MOUNTS BUTTON(S) ENTERLOK (SM-201) Tek-Com (PK-724) Tek-Select (PK-400) Tek-Trio (SM-103BD) IR-100B White Plastic Plastic 1-2-3-4 none • Y • Y IR-501B White Plastic Plastic 1-2-3-4 1 Plastic • Y • Y IR-510B White Plastic Plastic 1-2-3-4 1 Plastic Y N Y N OR-101 Aluminum Plastic 1-2-5 none • Y • Y OR-101G Gold Alum. Plastic 1-2-5 none • Y • Y OR-103 Aluminum Plastic 1-2-5 1 Plastic • Y • Y OR-103/2 Aluminum Plastic 1-2-5 2 Plastic • Y • Y OR-103G Gold Alum. Plastic 1-2-5 1 Plastic • Y • Y Y OR-201 Aluminum Aluminum 1-2-5 none • Y • OR-201G Gold Alum. Aluminum 1-2-5 none • Y • Y OR-201BR Brass Metal 1-2-5 none • Y • Y OR-201SS St. Steel Metal 1-2-5 none • Y • Y Y OR-203 Aluminum Aluminum 1-2-5 1 Metal • Y • OR-203G Gold Alum. Aluminum 1-2-5 1 Metal • Y • Y OR-203BR Brass Metal 1-2-5 1 Metal • Y • Y OR-203SS St. Steel Metal 1-2-5 1 Metal • Y • Y OR-203/2SS St. Steel Metal 1-2-5 2 Metal • Y • Y OR-403S St. Steel Metal Surface 1 Metal • Y • Y 1-2-3-4 1 Plastic Y N Y N Y OR-510 Aluminum Plastic OR-601 Brown Plastic Plastic Discontinued , Replaced by OR-601SS or OR-601BR OR-601BR Brass Metal 6 none • Y • OR-601SS St. Steel Metal 6 none • Y • Y OR-603BR Brass Metal 6 1 Metal • Y • Y OR-603SS St. Steel Metal 6 1 Metal • Y • Y OR-603W White Plastic Plastic • NOTES Discontinued , Replaced by OR-603SS or OR-603BR • Compatible using 15-MFD capacitor MOUNTING KEY 1 = IH-101, IH-101B 2 = IH-102 Y = Compatible out of box 3 = IH-400A N = Not compatible 4 = IH-700 5 = OH-700 6 = Surface or ‘Gem’ Box OR-601SS OR-601BR OR-603SS OR-603BR OR-603W Stainless Steel No Button Lacquered Brass No Button Stainless Steel One Button Lacquered Brass One Button Discontinued See Chart IH-101, IH-101B IH-102 IH-700 OH-700 IH-400A Flush Mounting Box Galvanized Steel Flush Plaster Ring Galvanized steel White Surface Box Powdercoat on Steel Black Surface Box Powdercoat on Steel Desk/Surface Cabinet White ABS Plastic Toll-Free: 800-231-1414 Phone: 631-231-1414 Fax: 631-231-1498 ® ® 1955 Printed in USA Celebrating 55 Years 2010 Distributed by: 155 Adams Avenue Hauppauge, NY 11788-3699 © 2001-2011 LEE DAN® COMMUNICATIONS, INC. All Rights Reserved. Made in U.S.A. With continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.