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Jackson Safety* W40 Autoview* 1105vxl Variable Auto




JACKSON SAFETY* W40 AutoView* 1105VXL Variable Auto-Darkening Filter Product Information New Code 16378 30621 24081 14556 15975 Old Code 3004015 3000523 3023639 3000621 3002656 AUTOVIEW* 1105VXL ADF Cartridge 951P Welding Helmet with AUTOVIEW* 1105VXL ADF AUTOVIEW* 1105LVXL Lens Kit – 5 Front and 2 Rear Safety Plates 117A Replacement Headgear Magnification (Cheater Lens) Adapter Properties Shade Light State Cartridge Size Viewing Field Typical Switching Speed (seconds) Lens Power Control Grind Mode Torch Mode Sensitivity Delay Arc Sensors Tig Rating Power Supply Estimated Battery Life Max Estimate Battery Life Min Unit Weight (minus shell) Warranty Operating Temperature Hard Hat Acceptable Mag Lens Adaptable Standards Characteristic Four independent sensors INTELLISENSE* Technology Low battery indication lamp Replaceable Alkaline batteries (included Variable shade settings Delay adjustment Sensitivity adjustment Description Variable Shade 9 – 12 4 4.55” x 5.30” 3.75” x 2.25” 1/25,000 Manual On/Off – Auto Off No No Yes Yes 4 <5 Amps (2) Replaceable AAA Alkaline Batteries (included) 359 hours 535 hours 1.40 lbs 2 years oF oF 23 to 130 Yes Yes (with 15975 / 3002656) ANSI Z87.1 Standard Pack 1/case 4/case 10 6 1 W40 SERIES Auto-Darkening Filters: Enables welders to adapt to the vast working environments with the ability to control the shade of the lens and adjustments for sensitivity from ambient lighting sources. Value If one sensor is blocked, the unit will continue to perform at an optimal level Allows the unit to detect welds less than 5 amps Alerts user to change battery when needed Ready to weld with batteries that are easy to find Allows user to adjust the filter shade to personal preferences Controls the amount of time the lens will adjust to clear state; Ideal for repetitive spot welding or pulse MIG/TIG Allows unit to adjust to competitive ambient lighting; Versatile enough for outdoor welding or even low amp DC TIG ®/* Trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. or its affiliates. Marques déposées de Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. ou de ses filiales. © 2012 KCWW