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Kerto-ripa Long-span Engineered Timber Solutions Tm




TM Kerto-Ripa LONG-SPAN ENGINEERED TIMBER SOLUTIONS KERTO-RIPA™ The Kerto-ripa panel is a structural engineered timber building element made from glued Kerto members. It is used to create the ground, intermediate floors and roofs of residential, commercial and public buildings. Kerto-Ripa can be used in both thermoinsulated structures and non-insulated structures. PrE-FabrICaTED To aChIEvE raPID CoNsTruCTIoN BENEFITS FOR THE CONTRACTOR • Fast installation – up to 1000m2 of weather protection in one day • Reduces the need for protective covering during construction at the building site • Pre-fabrication ensures even quality • Reduces turnaround time for construction projects • Carefully-timed delivery for the building phase • Clear, long spans • Environmentally sound TYPES OF PANEL Kerto-Q panel OPEN PANEL Kerto-S rib htot 1800mm or 2400mm or 2500mm Kerto-Q panel CLOSED PANEL Kerto-S rib Kerto-Q panel htot 1800mm or 2400mm or 2500mm Ceiling finish to required spec CLOSED PANEL INSULATED Can be designed to meet client requirements Kerto-Q panel Insulation Kerto-S rib Kerto-Q panel htot 1800mm or 2400mm or 2500mm 07/0029 Ceiling finish to required spec 0809-CPD-0577 LONG-SPAN ENGINEERED TIMBER SOLUTIONS – KERTO-RIPA TM ROOFING SOLUTIONS Kerto-ripa panels are an ideal solution for flat or low pitch roofs, and can be designed to the client's thermal requirements. FLAT OR LOW PITCH ROOFS Roof covering to design specification Its rapid installation (up to 1000m2 a day) provides a weatherproof seal for the building, reducing the need for a protective covering during construction. Long clear spans (up to 18m*) are available allowing buildings to be constructed with fewer columns and beams creating greater design flexibility. *Transportation costs to be considered for spans over 13.5m Thermal insulation to required depth Kerto-Q panel Main frame Ma x 18 m Main frame ROOF PANEL DIMENSIONS MAX SPAN L (mm) MAX SNOW LOAD (kN/m2) 0.6 1 8000 230 230 9000 275 275 10000 310 310 12000 350 410 13000 410 450 14000 450 500 16000 550 550 18000 650 650 NOTES: EXAMPLE DEPTHS; OTHER DEPTHS POSSIBLE ON REQUEST. FLAT ROOF WIND CONDITIONS APPLIED. FOR OTHER CONDITIONS PLEASE CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL TEAM ON 01205 883 835. KERTO-RIPA TM – LONG-SPAN ENGINEERED TIMBER SOLUTIONS FLOORING SOLUTIONS Kerto-ripa panels are also suitable for both ground and intermediate floors delivering clear spans of up to 9m. The panel is pre-fabricated to allow quick and simple installation, easily accommodating coordinated services within the floor zone. For cases where increased acoustic performance is required, The SoundBar System can be added to exceed building regulations. GROUND & INTERMEDIATE FLOORS Optional Metsä Wood SoundBar acoustic deck shown. Please contact Metsä Wood for more information Kerto cover strip to Up Thermal insulation to required depth for sound and thermal isolation. FLOOR PANEL DIMENSIONS MAX SPAN L (mm) MAX LIVE LOAD (kN/m2) 3 4 4000 230 230 5000 310 350 6000 350 350 7000 350 450 8000 500 550 9000 550 650 NOTES: EXAMPLE DEPTHS; OTHER DEPTHS POSSIBLE ON REQUEST. BASED ON 2.5KN/M2 DEAD LOAD. FOR OTHER CONDITIONS PLEASE CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL TEAM ON 01205 883 835. n spa 9m KERTO® CHARACTERISTIC VALUES 5TH PERCENTILE VALUES SYMBOL KERTO-S KERTO-Q (27-69MM) fm,0,edge,k s fm,0,flat,k 44.0 0.12 50.0 32.0 0.12 36.0 N/mm2 ft,0,k ft,90,edge,k 35.0 0.8 26.0 6.0 N/mm2 N/mm2 fc,0,k fc,90,edge,k fc,90,flat,k 35.0 6.0 1.8 26.0 9.0 2.2 N/mm N/mm2 N/mm2 fv,0,edge,k fv,0,flat,k 4.1 2.3 4.5 1.3 N/mm2 N/mm2 E0,k 11600 8800 N/mm2 Edgewise stability design only G0,k 400 400 N/mm2 DENSITY connection design only Þk 480 480 kg/m3 SYMBOL KERTO-S KERTO-Q (27-69MM) E0,mean 13800 10500 N/mm2 Edgewise deflection design G0,mean 600 600 N/mm2 DENSITY weight and loading Þmean 510 510 kg/m3 PROPERTY BENDING STRENGTH Edgewise Size effective paramater Flatwise N/mm2 TENSION STRENGTH Parallel to the grain Perpendicular to the grain edgewise COMPRESSION STRENGTH Parallel to the grain Perpendicular to the grain edgewise Perpendicular to the grain flatwise SHEAR STRENGTH Edgewise Flatwise MODULUS OF ELASTICITY Parallel to the grain stability design only SHEAR MODULUS MEAN VALUES PROPERTY MODULUS OF ELASTICITY Parallel to the grain deflection design SHEAR MODULUS ACOUSTIC VALUES FLOOR FINISH PROPERTY DRY SCREED SYSTEM CONCRETE SCREED SYSTEM SOUNDBAR SYSTEM 250mm Ripa element -- Ln,w = 70 Rw > 50 * -- 250mm Ripa element 27mm Resilient bar 12.5mm Palsterboard Ln,w = 54 Rw > 65 * X07 / X08 Ln,w = 48 (-2;4) Rw = 77 (-15;30) X09 / X10 Ln,w = 45 (-2;8) Rw = 77 (-15;31) 275mm Ripa closed Panel -- Ln,w = 68 Rw > 54 * X13 / X14 Ln,w = 68 (-1;-1) Rw = 54 (-1;9) NOTES: Report number 168 35407.X Ln,w (C-l, 100-2500; C-l, 50-2500) in dB Rw, (C50-5000; C-tr, 50-5000) in dB Qualitied values: Ln,w in dB, Rw in dB *Acoustic performance assessed KERTO® Manufactured by Metsä Wood since 1975, our Kerto is a unique product which not only serves as the flange material for our (FJI) I-Joists but is the perfect choice for long spans, rimbeams, lintels and high-load structural applications. Kerto has BBA certification and PEFC environmental accreditation. 1 2 3 4 5 PEFC/16-37-006 KErTo CErT: No 00/3717 6 8 7 Promoting sustainable forest management for more info: 9 10 Kerto is produced from rotary-peeled 3mm graded softwood veneers, which are then glued together to form a continuous 1.8 or 2.5 metre wide product. The 21mm to 90mm thick billets are then further machined to the finished dimensions. 1 Sawing 5 Gluing 9 Rip-sawing 2 Rotary Peeling 6 Layup 10 Despatching The result is an engineered wood product that maintains the natural beauty of wood whilst being strong enough for most types of construction applications. 3 Clipping 7 Hot Press 4 Drying 8 Cross-cutting There are two key types of Kerto: KERTO-S KERTO-Q WITH LONGITUDINALLY LAID VENEERS WITH CROSS LAID VENEERS Produced so that all its veneers are laid in the same direction, Kerto-S delivers a product perfect for beams whatever the specification and for achieving long spans with minimal deflection. Produced in a similar way to Kerto-S but with approximately 20% of its veneers laid crossways, Kerto-Q delivers exceptional dimensional stability and performs well where high compression strength is required. Kerto-Q is ideal as a rimboard in timber frame construction. LONG-SPAN ENGINEERED TIMBER SOLUTIONS – KERTO-RIPA TM For more information visit or call our technical team on 01205 883 835. Metsä Wood is a wood products company delivering service-oriented solutions developed in collaboration with its customers. Its premium solutions are based on ecological, high quality Nordic wood as a raw material. Wood is the only building material that is truly renewable, if well managed. Forest certification schemes give assurance that the timber is legal and from sustainable sources. Metsä Wood sources certified timber over uncertified and is an approved Chain of Custody supplier. MW0023 Mar 12. The photographs in this brochure are for illustration purposes only. Metsä Wood reserves the right to change the range without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure that colours are accurate within the limitations of natural lighting conditions and the four colour printing process. METSÄ WOOD Telephone: +44 (0)1205 883 835 Email: [email protected] MW 0023 MAR 12