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Linearlight Colormix Power Lr18cp –



Transcript LINEARlight Colormix Power – LR18CP Preliminary Datasheet Benefits  Broad portfolio (Eco, Advanced, Power) with the same form factor offering high variety in luminous flux and color temperatures while being simply exchangeable  Modules can be joined together in series to make seamless strip lighting, without any further accessory  Intermateable with LINEARlight Colormix Advanced & Eco  Low maintenance costs thanks to a life of up to 50k hours Application  Dynamic color application  Background lighting  Coves lightning with dinamic color effects Technical Operating Data Product Color Number of Voltage Current LEDs [V]* [A]* Power Radiance max. [W]* Angle [°]* Wavelength Lum. Flux [nm]* [lm] LR18CP-RGB Red 6 24 0,34 8.4 150 616 246 LR18CP-RGB Green 6 24 0,27 7.6 150 531 481 LR18CP-RGB Blue 6 24 0,12 3.1 150 468 67 LR18CP-RGB White 18 24 0,73 19.1 150 --- 794 *) Preliminary Data Due to the special conditions of the manufacturing processes of LED the typical data of technical parameters can only reflect statistical figures and do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each single product which could differ from the typical data Technical Features  Metal core PCB equipped with18 OSLON RGB LED  Seamless concept with up to 3 modules in series  Typical luminous flux 1417 lm/m  Lifetime 50.000 h @L70 @tcmax 65°C  SMD-4 plug connector (male/female) on both  Operation only with control gears 24 V (see page 2 for recommendations) sides of the PCB  Feeder and cable (CONNECTsystem LR-4x)  With optional accessory upgrade to individual d l possible ibl ((see page 4) overallll modules availible (see page 4)  Mounting holes (Ø 3.2mm) for simple fixing LINEARlight Colormix Power LR18CP 12.11.2012 Page 1 of 4 Minimum and Maximum Ratings Product Operating Temperature Storage Temperature [C°]* Voltage Range Reverse Voltage at Tc-Point [C°]* [V dc]* [V dc]* -30 … 65 -30 … 90 23 … 25 25 LR18CP-RGB *) Exceeding maximum ratings for operating and storage temperature will reduce expected life time or destroy the LED Module. Exceeding maximum ratings for operating current will cause hazardous overload and will likely destroy the LED Module. The temperature of the LED module must be measured at the Tc-point according to EN60598-1 in a thermally constant status with a temperature sensor or a temperature sensitive label. For exact location of the Tc-point see drawing below. Drawing R D l3 l2 Tc l 560 mm b 20 mm h 2 mm l1 31 mm l2 217,8 l3 217,8 R 1,4+0,2 mm D 3.2 mm Driver OPTOTRONIC control gears Product name LINEARlight Colormix Power Power 19.1 W OT20 OT75 OT24 OT80 220-240 / 24 220-240 / 24 220-240 / 24 DIM P 220-240 / 24 DIM P 1 Module 3 Modules 1 Module 3 Modules Light Management Systems Product name LINEARlight Colormix Power Power OTi DALI 75 OT EASY 60 19.1 W 3 Modules 3 Modules LINEARlight Colormix Power LR18CP 12.11.2012 OT RGB DIM 3x2 Modules OT DMX RGB DIM OT DMX 3x1 RGB DIM 3x2 Modules 3x1 Modules Page 2 of 4 Sicherheitshinweise  The LED module itself and all its components must not be mechanically stressed.  The mounting of the module has to be done on a metal heat sink. As accessories (see order numbers page 4) are verified linear LINEARlight Track listed.  Assembly must not damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board.  To avoid mechanical damage to the connecting cables, the module should be attached securely to the intended substrate. substrate Heavy vibration should be avoided. avoided In order to drive OSRAM LED-Modules safely, it is absolutely necessary to operate them with an electronically stabilised power supply protecting against short circuits, overload and overheating. To also ease the luminaire/installation approval, electronic control gear for LED or LED modules should carry the CE mark and be ENEC certified. In Europe the declarations of conformity must include the following standards: CE: EC 61347-2-13, EN 55015, IEC 61547 and IEC 61000-3-2 - ENEC: 61347-2-13 and IEC/EN 62384. Also check for the mark of an independent p authorized certification institute. Please see the relevant brochure for more detailed information (see "Related and Further Information"). OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® electronic control gear complies to all relevant standards and guarantees safe operation.  Installation of LED modules (with power supplies) needs to be made with regard to all applicable electrical and safety standards. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations.  Observe correct polarity! Depending on the product incorrect polarity will lead to emission of red or no light. The module can be destroyed! Correct polarity immediatelly! (see "reverse voltage", page 2).  Parallel connection is highly recommended as safe electrical operation mode. Serial connection is not recommended. Unbalanced voltage drop can cause hazardous overload and damage the LED module.  Pay attention to ESD steps when mounting the module.  Asymmetrical voltage drops can cause a strong overload and destruction of single modules.  Use only CONNECTsystem for electrical installation. Three types of connectors are available: LR-4PIN Feeder with 500 mm cable length. LR-4CONN-45 - Connector for through wiring with 45 mm cable length. LR-4CONN-250 - Connector for through wiring with 250 mm cable length.  The LED module can typically survive levels of up to 4 Amperes. As a general design precaution, if the maximum output current of th power supply is more than 4 Amperes, fast-blow fuses should be incorporated into the wiring plan.  Electrical contact is achieved with the contact cables. A maximum number of 3 modules can be installed consecutively from one power feed feed. Operation with more than 3 consecutive modules will reduce photometric performance and exceed the current carrying capacity of the module.  The module, as manufactured, has no conformal coating and therefore offers no inherent protection against corrosion.  Damage by corrosion will not be honored as a materials defect claim. It is the user's responsibility to provide suitable protection against corrosive agents such as moisture and condensation and other harmful elements. LINEARlight Colormix Power LR18CP 12.11.2012 Page 3 of 4 Montagehinweise  The mounting of the module has to be done on a metal heat sink  In order to optimize the thermal management the metal surface needs to be clean (dirt and oil free) and planar for the best contact with the LED module.  To connect one module, the feeder LR-4PIN-500 must be plugged in the "INPUT" side of the module. Ordering Number Product group Product EAN* LINEARlight Colormix POWER LR18CP-RGB 4008321 971593 8 CONNECTsystem feeder LR-4PIN-500 4008321 971852 16 CONNECTsystem LR-4CONN-45 4008321 971814 16 CONNECTsystem LR-4CONN-250 4008321 994400 16 LINEARlight Track LT-280 4008321 975966 8 LINEARlight Track LT-560 4008321 975980 8 LINEARlight Track end caps LT-ENDCAP 4008321 976109 16 LINEARlight Track Mounting bracket LT-MB 4008321 994424 16 Optic Tray OTR-280-LR21P 4008321 976086 8 Optic 30° OPLR1x1-30 4008321 976000 140 Optic 70° OPLR1x1-70 4008321 976024 140 Optic 20°x 50° OPLR1x1-20x50 4008321 976048 140 *) EAN: Ordering number per single module S-Unit: Modules per shipping unit Note: Typical performance data are subject to change without any further notice, particularly as LED technology evolves. LINEARlight Colormix Power LR18CP 12.11.2012 Page 4 of 4 S-Unit*