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Mobile DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER MAXCOM OM OM MXCD -MX3 4 Channel Real Tim me H.264 Vehicle Digital Vi Video Recorder MAXCOM MXCD-MX3 is a 4 Channel CCTV Mobile DVR with advanced H.264 video compression and full HD1 recording developed as cost-effective solution for vehicle surveillance (cars, buses, boats). It records on HDD. The DVR supports full HD1 Recording. Optionally Wireless Modules GPRS / 3G (EVDO, HSPA) / EDGE / Wi-Fi can be added to the DVR. GPS is built-in for global location tracking. MXCD-MX3 comes in ultra compact case with extremely low weight, high temperature resistant, equipped with shock-resistant cradle. Its rugged design ensures maximum reliability for data safety. MXCD-MX3 provides interface for vehicle maneuvering i.e. left, right turns, braking, reversing, speeding, etc. Pentaplex H.264 FEATURES SATA 2.5”HDD SYSTEM Processor OS File system Video Compression Video Storage Video Systems Total resources VIDEO & AUDIO Max FPS RECORDING NETWORK I/O INTERFACE POWER Hi Silicon Hi3511 processor Embedded Real-time Linux (ver2.6) Streaming FS 2.0 is specifically designed for mobile surveillance system. Multiple security strategy, index and core data backup. Audio compression Input Output H.264 2.5” SATA (up to 500GB) NTSC/PAL 200 frames CIF/s 2CH D1 at 25FPS/30FPS 4CH D1 at 12FPS/15FPS 4CH HD1 at 25FPS/30FPS ADPCM+G.726 (8 kbps) 4 Cameras(DIN-JACK X 4) DIN-JACK X 1; RCA X 1 Recording Mode Event Pre-Alarm recording Watermark Mirror Recording General/Timer/Alarm Sensor trigger, Speeding, Accelerometer, Temperature, Video Loss 1~60mins before event happens Prevents the video file to be tampered Backup the video files in SD card 2G/3G Module Wi-Fi LAN GPS Sensors USB Serial GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, HSPA 802.11(b/g) 100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45) Vehicle tracking, Speed detection, Synch time 8 Input ,2 Output USB2.0 RS-485×2, RS-232×2 Input Output Consumption 8 ~36 VDC 12V max 2A; 5V max 1A 15W (without cameras) CERTIFICATION CE , FCC MAXCOM O .ae ae Sensor & Alarm I/O Remote View Mobile Support Remote backup Playback Motion detection PTZ Support Mobile DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER MAXCOM MAX MAXCO XCOM COM OM M MXCD -MX3 4 Channel Real Tim me H.264 Vehicle Digital Vi Video Recorder MAXCOM DIMENSIONS Pentaplex H.264 SATA 2.5” HDD SenSor & Alarm I/O Dimensions PHISICAL SPECIFICATIONS Weight ENVIRONMENT Operating Temperature Relatively Operating Humidity Vibration Resistance Shock Resistance W201 x H170 x D72 mm (8.02’”x 7.38” x 2.83”) 3.0 kg (5.51 lb) Remote View 0 ~ 55° C 20% - 95% < 2 Grms < 1200 Grms Mobile Support SOFTWARE SUPPORT OSD (On-Screen Display) in Remote the event of Sensor trigger, Management Speeding, Accelerometer, Software (RMS) Temperature, Video Loss Central Management Software (CMS) Remote backup Auto-Download Playback Analysis Software Systems (ADS) Playback Motion detection PTZ Support CENTRE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE PLAYBACK ANALYSIS SOFTWARE MAXCOM O .ae ae