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Nc-400d Taking Digital Camera Printing To The Next Level Digital Color Printer




DIGITAL COLOR PRINTER NC-400D Taking Digital Camera Printing to the Next Level High-quality prints in versatile sizes Small footprint Compact design allows installation even in offices or stores where space is limited. Easy operation and maintenance Simply load the roll of Printpix paper and switch on the NC-400D. Running costs and maintenance are minimal compared to other print systems. Dry, clean printing process Printpix paper generates its own colors when heated by the thermal head. The unit requires no toner, ribbons, ink cartridges or chemicals. Digital Printing Innovation The Printpix system produces beautiful, photo-lab quality prints, with Printpix roll paper supporting versatile print sizes from 58 x 148mm to 148 x 203mm (2 x 6 to 6 x 8-inch). Verstile Solution for Digital Photo Printing High quality images and superb image stability Considerate to the environment The Digital Color Printer NC-400D utilizes ink cartridges, ribbons or toner for printing, it Fujifilm's exclusive Printpix system that minimizes waste, reducing the burden on the Because the Printpix system does not require delivers 300-dpi high-resolution photo-quality 102 x 148mm (4" x 6") print environment. prints with brilliant colors, superior tonality and SCSI-II compatibility sharp contrasts. In addition, prints exhibit light The NC-400D has a high-speed SCSI-II fading image stability for as long as 10 years* indoors, 30 years* in dark conditions. 148 x 203mm (6" x 8") print interface and comes with dedicated printer driver software (for Windows98, 98SE, ME, * Based on International Print Institute (IPI) test results 2000 Professional, XP Home Edition and XP Compact, space-saving design Easy operation and minimalmaintenance design The small footprint (385 (W) x 365 (D) mm) of Operation of the NC-400D is very simple. All printer. The printer can be used with any the NC-400D allows installation even on control buttons are located on the front panel customized value-added printing solution counter tops or desktops with limited space. of the printer, where a user-friendly interface utilizing the SDK (Software Developer's Kit), Delivering the performance advantage of high- ensures easy operation. This commercial-use in businesses, theme parks, retail outlets and quality images, the NC-400D is also one of the digital printer only requires a roll of Printpix other locations. most compact photo printers available in this paper – no ink cartridges, ribbons or toner to class for business and commercial use. replace. The result is lower running costs and Professional), enabling it to function as a PC minimal Versatile print sizes maintenance Using Printpix roll paper, the NC-400D is compared to capable of outputting print sizes from 58 x 148 other print to 148 x 203mm (2 x 6 to 6 x 8-inch), with or systems. without borders. The printer is also capable of outputting 102 x 148mm (4 x 6 inch) prints, the most popular print size worldwide. The Printpix system: Color from the inside out UV Fixing Lamp A range of imaging and electronic technologies has gone into perfecting Fujifilm's exclusive Printpix system. Special Printpix paper consists of yellow, magenta and cyan layers. When exposed to the heat generated by the printer's thermal head, these layers can combine 256 YMC gradations to produce up to 16.77 million colors. This huge spectrum is able to reproduce all the hues of the original image. The Printpix system also has the added convenience of requiring only paper, thereby eliminating the time-consuming tasks and environmental effects of using ink or ribbon. Thermal Head Yellow Magenta Cyan Imaging Layers Specifications Digital Color Printer NC-400D Printing method Paper Print resolution Colors supported Paper size Print size Image size Printpix system Printpix paper of standard roll type, Model name: RA6-SD20M 300dpi 16.77 million colors (256 gradations each of Y, M, C) Width: 148mm/6 inch, Length: 20.6m/67 feet 58 x 148mm/2 x 6 inch (with or without borders) to 148 x 203mm/6 x 8 inch (with or without borders) 102 x 148mm/4 x 6 inch: 1204 x 1748 dots, 148 x 203mm/6 x 8 inch: 1748 x 2409 dots Print speed For 102 x 148mm/4 x 6 inch size First print: approx. 58 seconds Continuous prints: approx. 54 seconds/print (250 prints/hour, with 4 printers) For 148 x 203mm/6 x 8 inch size First print: approx. 94 seconds Continuous prints: approx. 89 seconds/print Dimensions 385 (W) x 365 (D) x 198 (H)mm/ 15.2 (W) x 14.4 (D) x 7.8 (H) inch (including rubber feet) Approx. 15kg/33 lbs SCSI-II (D-sub 25 pin x2) Removable 1 roll type Not including image playback time and including pre-feed time to paper start position. 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