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Noise Canceling Headphones Hdc-45-16




Noise Canceling Headphones HDC-45-16 Product Description The HDC-45-16 is a stereo headphone with active noise cancellation delivering high quality audio from 20 Hz to 18 kHz with less than 1% THD. It can attenuate ambient noises (400 Hz to 1 kHz) up to approximately 10dB. This headphone is small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. For general hygiene, the ear pads can be easily changed. Internally mounted microphones receive the noise locally at the headset. Active electronics invert this noise and sums it with the incoming audio signal. The result: reduced low frequency noises typically associated with engines, wind, and other sources. The headphone requires a 3.5 mm (1/8") jack for stereo audio and a 2.5 mm jack for +12 VDC power. Features The following list provides an overview of features for the HDC-45-16: q q q q q q q Compact, lightweight, open air headphone Active noise cancellation built into the ear pieces Compact design Power / audio supplied through the aircraft’s entertainment system panel Replaceable ear pads Excellent frequency response Optional power sources available Application Notes Technical Specifications Frequency Response Transducer Principle Nominal Impedance Distortion Active Noise Compensation Operating Voltage Ear Coupling Contact Pressures Weight (w/o cable) Connection Cable Model / Brand A special connector is provided for audio and power connections. The 3.5 mm connector is a standard stereo plug with left, right, and common connections. The 2.5 mm connector is a three (3) section plug with the center band serving as an isolator between +12 VDC and ground. This prevents “sparking" when plugging in the headphone. NOTE: Cord exits assembly opposite the 2.5 mm plug. Level IR A 20 Hz to18 kHz Dynamic, open  <1 % 10 dB ±3 dB (between 400 Hz to 1 kHz) +10 to +18 VDC Supra-aural Approximately 1.6 N Approximately 0.24 lb / 0.11 kg 3.5 mm stereo (1/8”) 2.5 mm stereo Sennheiser Document # 530052A - Revision History Date Description 3/1998 Initial Release 3/2000 Overall Update – ECN # 4672 PROPRIETARY NOTICE Despite any copyright notice, this data and information disclosed herein contains confidential, proprietary designs owned by Audio International, Incorporated. Neither this data nor the data contained herein shall be reproduced, used, or disclosed to anyone without the written authorization of Audio International, Inc. Audio International, Inc. • 7300 Industry Drive, N Little Rock, AR 72117 • Phone 501-955-2929 / Fax 501-955-2988 /