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SU B SC RI PTIO N B ROADC A ST Nova MR A BET TER USER EXPERIENCE FOR MICROSOFT MEDIAROOM® NORTH AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA A P P L I C AT I O N : MediaRoom STB IPTV STB Nova MR is a 4-Device universal IR remote control that is designed to be the ideal match for Microsoft MediaRoom middleware or another advanced middleware STB. Nova MR provides all of the best usability features available including 3-step brand-based setup and full backlighting. NOVA MR S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Model Number URC 62440 Materials Plastic Housing – ABS Keypad – Silicon Rubber F E AT U R E S AT A GL A N C E  Controls up to 4 Devices ●  Optional Full LED Backlighting Blu-ray/DVD ● Optional IR Learning ● TV  Custom Logo ● Set-Top Box Packaging  Full DVR/VOD Controls Audio  E ach unit individually wrapped in polyethylene bag Each unit shipped with one manual Units per case: 50 Warranty  Universal IR Code Database for Americas Mechanical: 36 Months Silk-screen printing: 14 months  UEI SimpleSet Most Popular TV brands Power Supply ●  Simplified 3-Step Setup 2AA Batteries Code Search ● ● ● ● TRANSMIT RANGE Volume Lock Video Input Lock Direct line of sight : 50 feet (15 m) 35 degree angle: 20 feet (6 m) Channel Lock Dimensions EFFORTLESS SETUP UEI SimpleSet for Top TV Brands: Set up Nova MR for popular TV brands in 3 easy steps. Step 1: Press SETUP Volume Lock: VOLUME CONTROL functions are locked to the TV but can be locked to AUDIO with a fast 3-step process. Length: 7.7 in (195 mm) Width: 2.0 in (52 mm) Depth: 1.2 in (36 mm) Video Input Lock: Prevent accidental input switching on other devices by locking the VIDEO INPUT controls to a single device. EASE OF USE Step 2: Press TV Mode Key Step 3: Press Digit Key for Your TV Brand TV DIGIT Insignia 1 LG 2 Mitsubishi 3 Panasonic 4 Phillips/Magnavox 5 Samsung 6 Sharp 7 Sony 8 Toshiba 9 Visio 0 Simple Code Search: Program Nova MR for any brand in 3 easy steps by following the setup instructions printed on battery door or in the manual. Less Keys, Less Confusion: By removing the least used keys from the design, Nova MR provides a simpler user interface compared to a typical 60+ key cable remote control. MODE LEDs: Nova MR includes LEDs under each mode key so that the user is always aware of what device the remote is currently controlling. simp l e to support UEI QuickSwap: With UEI QuickSwap, one remote control SKU can be used to support as many as 3 different STB configurations. At installation, a simple key-press combination will quickly set the remote to any four of your designated STB configurations. EZ Updater Suite: Updating the remote control configuration becomes fast and efficient with EZ Updater Hub, which supports code downloads from a PC to seven remotes with a single key-press. About Universal Electronics Inc. Universal Electronics Inc. is the global leader in wireless connectivity software, providing the “intelligence inside” Computing, Consumer Electronics and wireless controls for the Cable & Satellite, OEM and Retail/Private Label markets. Our patented technologies focus on ease of use solutions for the Connected Home. © Universal Electronics Inc., 2011 Contact your local Sales Representative: Universal Electronics Inc., Corporate Headquarters: 6101 Gateway Drive, Cypress, CA 90630-4841, USA tel: (714) 820-1000 fax: (714) 820-1010 Universal Electronics BV, International Headquarters: Institutenweg 21, 7521 PH Enschede, The Netherlands, tel: 31-53-488-8000 fax: 31-53-432-7080