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Professional Loudspeakers




Professional Loudspeakers 18FIND - 18-inch Ferrite Low Frequency Woofer • High efficiency / low extension woofer design • Advanced ferrite magnetic motor structure • Lightweight 18-inch glass fiber loaded cone with progressive, high excursion, constant geometry triple roll surround • Single spider design with silicone based dampening control • 4-inch, inside/outside wound, high temperature composite polymide coil assembly • Innovative voice coil ventilation system for higher output and lower power compression • 1000 watt AES / 1400 watt program power handling • Frequency range: 28Hz – 2.5kHz • Ideal for ported or band pass subwoofer designs The 18FIND is a high efficiency, (98 dB 1watt / 1 meter) 18-inch woofer with incredibly linear frequency response characteristics, extreme high power handling capability while generating low harmonic distortion artifacts. The 18FIND uses a lightweight glass fiber loaded cone assembly along with a high excursion triple roll constant geometry surround. This combination provides remarkable strength, high efficiency and a peak to peak maximum excursion of 50mm (2in). Power Handling At the core of the 18FIND is it’s voice coil technology featuring a composite polymide former material capable of withstanding peak temperatures in excess of 250C, well beyond the thermal requirements of modern professional audio systems, optimal structural strength and thermal characteristics. Former strength provides the ideal transfer of power between the voice coil and the cone assembly and assists in reducing distortion artifacts. By combining this material with state of the art adhesives and our inside / outside voice coil technology, the 18FIND delivers incredible performance. Magnetic Circuit Design Redcatt engineers have developed a lightweight, ferrite based magnetic circuit capable of delivering the highest level of performance providing a consistent, high integrity magnetic flux gap, ultra low distortion characteristics and high efficiency cooling system. The magnetic circuit design is optimized to generate the minimum amount of flux modulation providing exceptional stability. Redcatt’s single silicone sealed spider functions as an air pump expelling hot air and drawing in cool air every time the cone assembly moves. The 18FIND cone and dust cap are made using an advanced Redcatt pulp with glass fiber reinforcement. The woofer cone is also extensively treated to withstand harsh environments and high humidity. Metal parts in the speaker assembly are coated for extreme weatherization protection. The 18FIND is ideal for use in vented port or band pass -applications where sizable amounts of low frequency acoustic Redcatt Ltd. implements the use of advanced Klippel transducer technology equipment in all critical areas of transducer development including R&D, Material Science, Power and Production Testing. Full Klippel reports are available for all Redcatt transducers upon request. REDCATT | T: (+86) 769-83181898 | [email protected] | | Professional Loudspeakers 18FIND - 18-inch Ferrite Low Frequency Woofer Nominal Diameter: Rated Impedance: Power Handling: AES Power: Program Power: Peak Power: Sensitivity: Frequency Range: Power Compression @-10dB Power Compression @-10dB Power Compression @Max Power Maximum Recommended Xover Freq.: Recommended Enclosure Volume: Minimum Impedance: Maximum peak to peak excursion: Voice Coil Diameter: Voice Coil Winding Wire Material: Suspension Design: Cone Design: Thiele Small Parameters Fs Re Sd Qms Qes Qts Vas Mms BL product (force factor) Mathematical X-Max (mm) Le (mH @1kHz) Mounting Information Overall diameter No. of mounting holes Bolt circle diameter Total depth Flange and gasket thickness Net weight Shipping weight Packing Dimensions 460mm (18in.) 8 Ohm 1000 Watts 1400 Watts 7000 Watts 98 dB 30Hz - 2,500Hz 0.7dB 1.5dB 2.2dB 500Hz 150- 350 Liters 4-12cuft. 6.2 Ohms at 25C 50mm (2 in.) 100mm (4 in.) Copper Symmetrical Triple Roll Strght Gmtry, Redcatt Cellulose 34 Hz 5.17 Ohm 1256 cm2 (194 in.2) 8.9 0.45 0.43 235 Liters 203 g 22.5 50 1.6 467.89 mm ( 18.42 in.) 8 442 mm (17.40 in.) 428 mm (16.85 in.)nominal 430 mm ( 16.92 in.)nominal 204 mm (8.03 in.) 22 mm ( 0.86 in.) 13.3 kg (29.36 lbs.) 14.9 kg (32.9 lbs.) Frequency Response 110 100 90 Level SPL 80 70 20 50 100 200 500 1k 2k Frequency (Hz) 5k 10k 20k Frequency response measurement with transducer mounted in a 180 liter vented enclosure tuned to 35Hz Impedance Response 160 120 Level Ohm 80 40 0 20 40 100 200 500 1k Frequency (Hz) Contact Info Redcatt Ltd 1st Building, Pukyo Industrial Park FuMing Industrial City Dalang Town, Dongguan China tel: +86 769 8318 1898 17802 134th Ave NE Suite 17 Woodinville, WA 98072 tel: +1 206 883 6623 Email: [email protected] Web: 485x485x260mm (19x19x10 in.) REDCATT | T: (+86) 769-83181898 | [email protected] | | 2k 5k 10k 20k