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Push The Boundaries




PUSH THE BOUNDARIES Océ ColorWave 500 PRODUCTIVE ALL-IN-ONE LARGE FORMAT SYSTEM IN B&W AND COLOUR The Océ ColorWave 500 is a true single footprint. All print, scan and copy tasks can easily be carried out with the intuitive Océ ClearConnect user interface. With the cloud connection, users always have access to their documents. The automatic original width detection, media loading, roll selection and image positioning automates the print, copy and scan process. Everyone can operate the system easily. 2 Push the boundaries of your large format printing with the Océ ColorWave 500, a black & white and color printer, scanner and copier in one. Gain a competitive edge with distinctive quality drawings and presentations printed with a silk-shine finish on plain paper. Save drastically on space, supplies and maintenance by using one system for color and black & white work. The Océ ColorWave 500 provides simple walk-up use and connects to the cloud for easy project collaboration. Like other members of the Océ large format family, this printer works just like a tablet thanks to the Océ ClearConnect user interface. That means your staff will intuitively know how to use it when they see it for the first time. And true to its name, Océ ClearConnect makes the right connections to get the job done. Print on the way to your next meeting or from a job site – to keep work moving even when you can’t get to the printer. This single footprint system has the capability to replace separate B&W and colour printers & scanners with the one device. Besides the same productivity for color and B&W, it’s also the only large format color all-in-one printer in the world with up to 4 rolls. All functions are fully integrated. The print, scan and copy tasks are carried out concurrently and productively thanks to the unique controller with dual disk architecture. The proven Océ CrystalPoint Technology brings the productivity and cost of colour closer to the level of a B&W system. It also delivers high quality color and B&W prints on uncoated media and the toner is waterfast. 3 A SYSTEM SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE DESIGN ENVIRONMENT The Océ ColorWave 500 combines state-of-the-art wide format print and scanning technology with unparalleled ease of use, productivity and environmental sustainability. Do color and black & white in one Meet the Océ ColorWave 500. It has all the advantages of our proven awardwinning Océ CrystalPoint® technology in one compact system. Ideal for small workgroups squeezed for space or central operations that want to add a productive large format system. Built for speed, you can print, copy and scan at the same time – without sacrificing productivity or quality. Easily process large and complex files. You can handle black & white and color – CAD, BIM, GIS and full color graphics on different kinds of uncoated media such as recycled paper and tyvek for tear resistant prints without laminating. Rushed deadline? Produce up to 225 A1 – black & white and color prints per hour – without breaking a sweat. This system can hold up to four media rolls, and prints come out dry, cut to size and ready to use. With the optional integrated folder, different folded packages can be prepared and printed right from your desktop. Swipe into easy printing Now your team can print smart too. The Océ ClearConnect touchscreen works like a tablet so there is zero learning curve. The simple layout, 4 smart kick-starts and detailed preview functions help users get their prints faster, without errors, even when they are stored in the cloud or have just arrived in an email on their mobile phone. Users can organize prints in their Personal Smart Inbox to save time. The Océ ClearConnect software suite also gives you more flexible ways to submit and manage files. Print from your desktop via Océ Publisher Select to manage complex document sets. Print from your smartphone when you are rushing to a meeting, or from the cloud. Knowing you can print when you need to, takes some of the stress out of the work day. Save valuable time To help your staff spend more time on what’s important and less time handling documents, this system is the fastest and easiest you’ll find. Our Automatic Print Assistant automatically selects the print mode, image position and best fit media roll to save time. You can print on up to four rolls of media to produce large volumes and sets without interruption. Sets are neatly stacked on top, ready to go. Get consistent, high quality applications The patented Océ CrystalPoint technology ensures robust, waterfast prints with sharp lines, high readability of fine details and smooth, even area fills. The high-quality prints, which are consistent over time and on different machines, have a unique silk-shine look and feel, independent of the type of media you use. Choose eco friendly When you work side-by-side your printer, you want to know it’s people friendly and planet friendly. The Océ ColorWave 500 is designed to create a healthy working environment. The unique Océ TonerPearls® ensure that there’s no fine dust, no odor and minimal waste disposal. It can print on recycled and carbon neutral media and has certified de-inking properties. Based on proven Océ technology found in thousands of systems worldwide. Constructed of durable, hard-wearing parts and supported by our Remote Service, you get dependable uptime with fewer jams, shorter downtime and fewer service calls. Bring your plans to life with the Océ ColorWave 500 5 CONSISTENT LOOK AND FEEL FROM EVERY ANGLE OF YOUR WORKFLOW Océ ClearConnect interface provides a workflow for different environments: walk up, central or mixed usage. Whether users are printing with the driver, tablet, smartphone, submission tool or via the user panel, the user experience is always the same, providing first time right results. 75 225 4 Sheets 6 PPH Rolls Thanks to the patented Océ Image Logic®, scans and copies are enhanced automatically. For instance, wrinkles and light colors are compensated, resulting in better copies than the original. The document width is detected automatically ensuring first-time high quality results and ease of use. Productive all-in-one Neat document delivery Designed for efficiency, this system can print, copy and scan at the same time with the integrated controller. It processes large and complex files swiftly to prevent jobs from backing up. You get the same look and feel for black & white and color jobs, making it easier for users to easily get great results. It supports up to 4 media rolls, each containing up to 200 meters of media. Automatic roll detection and media selection reduces waste. Get neatly collated and stacked documents of up to 75 A0 / E-size prints on the Top Delivery Tray that has easy front access. Two folding options save you valuable time on hand folding, delivering quality folded documents ready to go. Effortless operation The Océ ClearConnect touchscreen works like a tablet. Swipe, spread and zoom in on details of a drawing. Check that documents are correctly positioned using the live scan preview. Organize prints in your Personal Smart Inbox to save time. To reduce preparation time, the system automatically selects the print mode, image position and best fit media roll. Switch rolls quickly with the built-in loading station and automatic paper feed and media width detection. Superior color copy and scanning Océ Color Image Logic® automatically compensates for wrinkles and light colors to produce optimal results. Originals are inserted face-up and paper width is detected automatically. Reliable performance Océ CrystalPoint Technology offers the best of solid toner paired with inkjet technology. It uses accurate dot positioning to create crisp, vibrant graphics with a silk-shine finish on plain and recycled media. Prints come out dry and cut to size and no lamination is needed. Ideal for high-use, industrial areas. This system is designed to stand up to intensive use by multiple users. It produces a consistent stream of print volumes over a long period of time, based on the robust design and engineering found in our high-volume systems. Sustainability secure You can quickly and easily handle the Océ TonerPearls with no risk of getting residue on your hands or in the air. This system has very low ozone emissions, low levels of noise and low levels of heat. It runs very quietly, so it can be comfortably placed in an office environment. Time saving workflow This system is designed to make it easier to prepare, produce and manage complex technical documents and sets of drawings. The Océ ClearConnect suite of advanced tools makes it easy to get documents where you need them, when you need them. Use Océ Publisher Select to manage complex document sets and save time. Print from the cloud, a mobile device or via a WiFi router. Manage your system remotely for more convenience. Safeguard information with our advanced security feature Optional Extras Océ ColorWave 500 with online fullfold folder. Fully integrated with the printer, the online fullfold folder saves you time by automatically turning out neatly folded documents. © 2014 Océ. Illustrations and specifications do not necessarily apply to products and services offered in each local market. Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Océ, Océ ColorWave, Océ CrystalPoint, Océ TonerPearls and Océ Image Logic are registered trademarks of Océ-Technologies B.V. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 7 ABOUT CANON PROFESSIONAL PRINT When it comes to your business, no one sees print like you. At Canon Professional Print we’re here to partner with you, to create and achieve more for your business. With the combined expertise and technologies of Océ and Canon, we're the new global leader in print. Canon Professional Print offers a wide range of digital hardware, services and software solutions for cutsheet, continuous feed, wide format, display graphics and photo printing applications. This is complemented by our extensive range of media and supplies. Because we believe in your business we also offer financial services through Canon Finance designed to accommodate the unique requirements of the printing industry. Our purpose We inspire people to achieve more than they ever thought they could. 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