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RX-V3000 Sensational sound quality, with a choice of 49 dynamic surround sound programs. Digital Home Theater Receiver 7 A/V (with S-Video) and 4 Audio Input, and 2 A/V and 2 Audio Output 2 Component Video Inputs (fixed and assignable) and 1 Monitor Out with HDTV Compatibility 40-Station AM/FM Random Access Preset Tuning 140W x 6 + 35W x 2 • Powerful New 32-Bit Original LSI (YSS928) Incorporates Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro-Logic Decoders plus DSP Processing Circuits • 96-kHz/24-Bit DACs: High Performance and Precision Burr-Brown DAC for L/C/R Channels and 96-kHz 24-Bit DAC for Other 6 Channels • 49 Surround Programs Versatile Digital Input/Output: 6 Optical/2 Coaxial/1 RF(AC-3) Digital Input (fixed and assignable) and 2 Optical Output (fixed and assignable) (MAX) 2-Way Binding-Post Speaker Terminals (banana-plug compatible, all terminals) • Quad-Field CINEMA DSP for 6.1-Channel Digital Surround • SILENT CINEMA for Headphone Play • Wide-Range Frequency Response for DVD-Audio Compatibility • Versatile Digital Inputs/Outputs and Custom Installation Capability with RS-232C Interface and Zone 2 Out • Direct-Access (Multi-Command, 6-Channel External Decoder Input for Future Sound Formats Custom Installation Capability with RS-232C Interface and Zone 2 Out PreMain Coupler, and Preout Terminals for Center, Rear Effect, Rear Center and Front Effect Channels, and Subwoofer Out (Mono x 2) Learning-Capable and Preset) Remote Control Unit Oil-Damped Hidden Control Panel with Optical Digital and S-Video Terminals RX-V3000 Surround Programs HiFi DSP Programs Matrix 6.1 Decoder Off 䡵HALL 1 䡵Hall A in Europe 䡵Hall B in Europe 䡵HALL 2 䡵Hall D in U.S.A. 䡵Live Concert 䡵CHURCH 䡵Freiburg 䡵Royaumont 䡵JAZZ CLUB 䡵Village Gate 䡵The Bottom Line 䡵ROCK CONCERT 䡵The Roxy Theatre 䡵Arena 䡵STAJIUM 䡵Anaheim 䡵Bowl 䡵ENTERTAINMENT 䡵Disco 䡵5 Ch Stereo Programs 14 Programs Surround Programs Programs Remarks Matrix Decoder Off 䡵Dolby Pro-Logic Normal 䡵Dolby Digital Normal 䡵DTS Digital Sur. Normal 3 Programs 䡵: HiFi DSP Programs Matrix 6.1 Decoder On 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— 䡵<—— Matrix Decoder On 䡵<—— 䡵Dolby Digital/Matrix 6.1 䡵DTS-ES 2 Programs 䡵: A/V Programs Recommended Speaker Combination 䢇 Main Speakers NS-200 䢇 Center Speaker NS-C200 䢇 Rear Effect Speakers NS-100 䢇Rear Center Speaker NS-100S 䢇 Front Effect Speakers NS-100 䢇 Subwoofers YST-SW320 x 2 Black finish available CINEMA DSP Programs 䡵ENTERTAINMENT 䡵CONCERT VIDEO 1 䡵CONCERT VIDEO 2 䡵TV THEATER 䡵MOVIE THEATER 1 䡵MOVIE THEATER 2 䡵 DOLBY/DTS SURROUND Programs Program Total Grand Total 䢇: CINEMA DSP Matrix 6.1 Decoder Off 䢇Game 䢇Pop/Rock 䢇Classical Opera 䢇Mono Movie 䢇Variety/Sports 䢇70mm Spectacle 䢇Dolby Digital Spectacle Matrix 6.1 Decoder On 䢇<–––– 䢇<–––– 䢇<–––– 䢇<–––– 䢇<–––– 䢇<–––– 䢇Dolby Digital Spectacle 6.1 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Spectacle 䢇70mm Sci-Fi 䢇Dolby Digital Sci-Fi 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Sci-Fi 䢇70mm Adventure 䢇Dolby Digital Adventure 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Adventure 䢇70mm General 䢇Dolby Digital General 䢇DTS Digital Sur. General 䢇Dolby Pro-Logic Enhanced 䢇Dolby Digital Enhanced 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Enhanced 20 Programs 37 Programs 49 Programs 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Spectacle ES 䢇<–––– 䢇Dolby Digital Sci-Fi 6.1 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Sci-Fi ES 䢇<–––– 䢇Dolby Digital Adventure 6.1 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Adventure ES 䢇<–––– 䢇Dolby Digital General 6.1 䢇DTS Digital Sur. General ES 䢇<–––– 䢇Dolby Digital Enhanced 6.1 䢇DTS Digital Sur. Enhanced ES 10 Programs 12 Programs 䢇: Tri-Field CINEMA DSP • All DSP programs are available in the SILENT CINEMA and Virtual CINEMA DSP modes. 䢇: Quad-Field CINEMA DSP Quad-Field CINEMA DSP Digitally Regulated Volume Control Surround Program On-Screen Display Virtual CINEMA DSP Convenient “Set Menu” Maximum Output Power Main Ch Center Ch Rear Effect Ch Rear Center Ch Front Effect Ch Dynamic Power/Ch 4 ohms (Main Ch) 2 ohms Linear Damping Damping Factor (8 ohms, 20–20,000 Hz) Frequency Response (8 ohms) A/V Rec Out Selector Subwoofer Output Terminals Preout Terminals Bass Extension 6-Channel External Decoder Input Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CD, 250 mV) Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight DSP-AX2 Yes Yes (all channels) 49 programs Yes Yes Yes RX-V3000 Yes Yes (all channels) 49 programs Yes Yes Yes 䢇 This system is also offered with a black finish. 䢇 䢇 䢇 䢇 䢇 䢇 䢇 RX-V1000 Yes Yes (all channels) 41 programs Yes Yes Yes 140 W + 140 W 140 W + 140 W 140 W + 140 W 140 W 140 W 140 W 140 W + 140 W 140 W + 140 W 140 W + 140 W 140 W 140 W 35 W + 35 W 35 W + 35 W 220 W 220 W 185 W 320 W 320 W 230 W Yes Yes Yes 200 (main ch) 200 (main ch) 80 (main ch) 10—100,000 Hz +0, -3 dB 10—100,000 Hz +0, -3 dB 10—100,000 Hz +0, -3 dB Yes Yes Yes Yes (mono x 2) Yes (mono x 2) Yes Premain couler, and Premain couler, and Premain coupler, and center, rear effect, rear center, rear effect, rear center, rear effect and center and front effect center and front effect rear center preout preout terminals preout terminals terminals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 100 dB 100 dB 100 dB 449 x 191 x 468 mm 449 x 191 x 468 mm 435 x 171 x 432 mm 22 kg 22 kg 15 kg RX-V3000 Inputs and Outputs Analog Digital Video Coaxial Optical Composite S Video Compo. V.* In Out In Out In Out In Out In Out PHONO 䡲 䡲 CD 䡵 䡵 䡲 CD-R 䡲 䡲 䡵 䡵 MD/TAPE 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 DVD 䡲 䡵 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡵 D-TV/LD 䡲 䡵 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡵 CABLE 䡵 䡲 䡵 䡲 䡲 䡲 SAT 䡲 䡵 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 VCR 1 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 VCR 2/DVR 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 VIDEO AUX 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 MONITOR OUT 䡲 䡲 䡲 Fixed (䡵) and Assignable (䡲) Terminals. * Component Video In 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 䡲 Out Fixed and Assignable Terminals Only Yamaha offers terminals that can be either independently assigned to channels or defaulted to fixed settings. Front Panel Terminals Auxiliary terminals with optical digital input on the front panel make it convenient to connect a digital game machine so you can enjoy DVD games and movies.