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Sc2-150 Systems Integration Amplifier 2-channel Bridgeable Power Amplifier




SC2-150 SYSTeMS INTeGRATION AMpLIFIeR 2-cHANNeL BRIDGeABLe pOWeR AMpLIFIeR Sc2-150 Offering the classic Speakercraft power and stability that you’ve come to know and trust, the NeW Sc2-150 brings extremely high current power to a custom installed A/V System in a remarkably convenient way. Featuring audio circuitry constructed using the fi nest materials available, including 1% metal fi lm resistors, high quality capacitors and oversized heat sinks that ensure proper cooling without the need for a noisy fan. This 2-channel amplifi er provides 150W per channel (550W when bridged for higher output applications) and independent level control, making installation easier and more straight forward than ever before. Fe AT U Re S & B e N e F I T S • Real World Power: • Freedom from Fan Noise: The Sc2-150 delivers 150 watts per channel at The oversized heat sinks inside the System 8 ohms and 270 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Integration Amplifi ers allow the amplifi er circuitry You’ll get tremendous bass and dynamics from to stay cool even when operating into low every pair of speakers connected. impedance loads without the distracting noise • Turn-On Modes: The SpeakerCraft SC2-150 Amplifi er features three created when using fan-cooled amplifi ers. • Current for Reactive Loads: turn-on modes: 1. Music Sense, 2. external Voltage The high current design of the Speakercraft Trigger, 3. Manual Turn-On via the front panel SC2-150 Amplifi er assures that even unusual and switch. You can confi gure the SpeakerCraft SC2- reactive loads are handled with ease. cutting 150 Amplifi er to interface with any kind of system edge digital power supplies provide more than and have the unit automatically turn on. ample current to your system. • Bridged Mode: • Freedom from Cross-Talk: The SpeakerCraft SC2-150 Amplifi er can be each channel of the Speakercraft Sc2-150 operated in a bridged mono confi guration. Amplifi er is powered via its own independent In this confi guration, the SC2-150 delivers 550 power supply. This increases the isolation watts. Bridged mode is perfect for subwoofer, between channels and eliminates cross talk, rock speakers or any applications requiring high guaranteeing you absolute silence as the power output. backdrop to your music. • Independent Level Controls: • Control Output: Each amplifi er channel features an independent A 12 Volt Dc output is provided whenever the level control enabling precise volume matching amplifi er is on, allowing you to operate voltage to the rest of the system. These level controls can triggered devices like motorized screens also limit volume to prevent abuse of the system. and curtains. FE AT U RE S: • Digital, high current bridgeable stereo amplifier S p e c I F I C AT I O N S : • 150 watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms (all channels driven) • Independent level controls • Auto switching 110V-230V power supply • Three turn-on modes: music sense, voltage trigger, and manual • 270 watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms (all channels driven) • Channels are bridgeable to 550 watts RMS into 8 Ohms • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.2% THD from 20Hz to 20kHz • Voltage trigger input accepts 3-24VAC/DC • 12-volt control out • Audio circuitry constructed with the finest parts available, including 1% metal film resistors, high quality capacitors and oversized heat sinks for clear and uncolored sound • Removable line cord • Two year limited warranty • Rack mount ears included • Tested and certified to US, Canada, EU, and Australian safety and EMC standards • Overall dimensions: o 17 ¼” (43.81 cm) wide – 2 ¼” (5.6 cm) high (including feet) o 13 ½” (34.35 cm) deep • Weight: 10.8 lb. (4.9 kg A PP L I C A T I O N : ©2014 Core Brands, LLC. All Rights Reserved. SpeakerCraft, the SpeakerCraft logo and Blending High Fidelity and Architecture are registered trademarks of Core Brands, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. We reserve the right to change features, descriptions, and/or specifications at any time without notice. Rev A – 09/2014