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Wire Connection Control Cable Connection On Different




Wire Connection Control cable connection on different models. Control cable connection on D5110WH4 and D6110WH8 D7112FH16. RS485 A is +, RS485 B is -. After correct connection to the dvr system, the ptz camera image will show on screen. Then move to config setting to control it. PTZ Config Main Menu—System—PTZ Config Pls locate your PTZ camera info. Protocol, address and baudrate In the example PTZ camera, here is the info. Protocol: PELCOD Address: 1 Baudrate: 2400 The PTZ camera is connected to CH3. Input the camera info on PTZ config, click “OK” to save. Choose CH 3 (PTZ camera image) on screen, double click it to show the biggest camera image.(IMPORTANT) Now right click the mouse, select “PTZ Control” The PTZ camera is under your control now. You can also control the ptz camera online.